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    Alexander Weissman (

    Alex is a researcher, designer, developer, and entrepreneur who currently lives and works in Bloomington, Indiana. He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering and a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, both from the University of Maryland. He is the founder and co-owner of a [one-on-one tutoring service in Bloomington](, manages the front- and backend websites for the company, and does quite a bit of tutoring, too!

    Lately, Alex has been developing web applications in PHP, jQuery (Javascript), and the Twitter Bootstrap framework. His experience with PHP extends back to 2006, when he developed a manufacturability analysis system for a small manufacturing company in Maryland. The system consisted of an analytic engine, written in C++, that communicated with a PHP web application via XML.

    Alex is also a second-year PhD student in Informatics at Indiana University. His research interests include computational text analysis, social media research, and machine learning. To facilitate his research, he has begun to do some work in Python and is particularly fond of the numpy and nltk packages.

    When he's not staring at a screen, Alex enjoys jogging, gardening, and cooking and baking.

    Bryson Shepard (

    Bryson has coded a significant portion of the installer for UserFrosting, and has heavily contributed to testing and debugging. Bryson is currently working on a private message (PM) plugin for UserFrosting. For Bryson, programming in PHP has been largely a self-learned hobby. Bryson is an avid gamer and currently lives in Nebraska.