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    Application Lifecycle

    The lifecycle of the UserFrosting application extends the standard lifecycle of a Slim application. Here is the breakdown:

    1. PHP session_start is called (config-userfrosting.php)
    2. The Slim application is instantiated (config-userfrosting.php)
    3. Set database, path, and URL config information (config-userfrosting.php)
    4. Set database table aliases (initialize.php)
    5. Initialize database table columns and names (initialize.php)
    6. Load site settings, either default or from the database (initialize.php)
    7. Create page schema (initialize.php)
    8. Setup a guest user and environment, including translator, message stream, and error handling (setupGuestEnvironment in UserFrosting.php)
    9. Setup Twig custom functions and site setting variable (setupTwig in UserFrosting.php)
    10. Initialize plugins (initialize.php)
    11. slim.before hook is called
    12. Set current user to logged in user, if one is available (middleware/usersession/UserSession.php)
    13. Setup logged-in user environment, including translator, message stream, error handling, and Twig user variables (setupAuthenticatedEnvironment in UserFrosting.php)
    14. Slim routes the request