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    Installing on Cloud9

    Setting up your workspace

    The first thing you have to do, is create a workspace for Userfrosting. Press the giant "+" to get started.

    Create new

    Next you'll have to give it a name, and chose the "PHP, Apache & MySQL" template. Do not use the clone from git function, as it can often act weird, and not clone properly.

    Installing/Updating things

    So, by default, C9 has PHP v5.5.9, and Node v4.6.1, both of which are not the best for UF.


    To update PHP, follow this handy dandy Stack Overflow guide. ;) It'll show you how to replace v5.5.9 with v7.x.


    To update Node, use:

    nvm install 5.5.0
    nvm use 5.5.0
    nvm alias default v5.5.0

    PHP MySQL Package

    You'll need to install the PHP MySQL package too, for that use sudo apt-get install php-mysql.